User Agent

Mozilla/5.0 (Nintendo WiiU) AppleWebKit/536.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) NX/ NintendoBrowser/

This user agent belongs to Nintendo Browser. Nintendo developed this Browser. This Browser run on Nintendo WiiU and it renders web contents with WebKit on WiiU.

Browser-Nintendo Browser

Nintendo Browser

Version 4.3 @ 32 bit
Developer Nintendo
Parent Nintendo Browser 4.3
Device Type TV Device

Act as 

Crawler No
Fake No
Anonymized No

Device - Nintendo

Brand Nintendo
Model Wii U
Platform (32 bit) by Nintendo
Mobile No
Tablet No



Rendering Engine WebKit by Apple Inc (For Google Chrome, iOS (including both mobile Safari, WebViews within third-party apps, and web clips), Safari, Arora, Midori, OmniWeb, Shiira, iCab since version 4, Web, SRWare Iron, Rekonq, and in Maxthon 3.)
Pointing -
Javascript Yes
CSS Yes Version: 3
Cookies Yes
Tables Yes


Frames Yes
IFrames Yes
Background Sounds No
Java Applets Yes
VB Script No
Activex No